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Kim Nuijen (1984) NL


From a young age the seductive side of advertisements and image building fascinated Kim Nuijen (Voorburg, 1984). She studied the power of images during her Communication BA, followed by a career in advertising and later on by obtaining a BA in Photography and MA in Photography/ Fine Art.


Based on the viewer’s vantage point Nuijen questions not only what we see, but also what we perceive to be real.

She creates photographic works & moving images that are presented as sculptural installations. Her works are all about perception: She looks for the connection and overlaps between the digital and physical world.


Her starting point is society’s visual output – advertisements, pop culture, interface technology and mass media. She is curious how this output circulates, seduces us, (re)shapes identity and what effect it has on our sense of reality.


Nuijen defunctionalizes and aestheticizes this output until it is an object of pure contemplation in which the viewer can discover its “dysfunctional, absurd, unworkable character – everything that makes them nonusable, inefficient, obsolete.” (Groys, In the Flow, 2016)

Recent exhibitions include: 
Bring Your Own Beamer with Rafael Roozendaal, Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam (NL) 2019; Contemporary Visions #9, Beers Gallery, London (UK) 2019; Unsettled Tensions, Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam (NL) 2019.


Alongside her artistic practice, since 2013, Nuijen holds a teaching position at the photography department of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague.


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