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Specs: Selfie hand anatomy (Original copy, number II), animation in loop, 4K video, 25 seconds, 2018.

The animation shows a rendering of a hand while taking a selfie. It visualizes a 21st century gesture that points inwards and with which we place ourselves at the center of our post-modern Baroque era.

The rendering is build up out of a 115 photos (photogrammetry) and is presented as an endless loop.

 Selfie hand anatomy
Original copy

number II

Installation view 't Fijnhout, Amsterdam NL,

50" screen, 2018.

Installation view Beers Gallery, London, UK,

50" screen, 2019.

Installation view Benaki Museum, Athens GR,

46" screen, 2019.

Installation view Beers Gallery, London UK,

50" screen, 2019.

Film still, Selfie hand anatomy, 2018.

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