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Specs: Selfie hand anatomy, 2018, animation in loop, 4K video, 25 seconds, 55-inch screen.

With new technology comes new behaviour. With the introduction of the smartphone came the selfie. This work shows a rendering of a hand while taking a selfie – a typical 21st century gesture, pointing inwards. It visualizes our desire to look at ourselves and fabricate contemporary trompe-l’oeil footage for social media.


The photogrammetry consists of a 115 photos and is presented as an endlessly looped animation. It deconstructs the selfie hand as a contemporary machine in which technology became an extension of oneself.

 Selfie hand anatomy

Installation view 't Fijnhout, Amsterdam NL,

50" screen, 2018.

Installation view Beers Gallery, London, UK,

50" screen, 2019.

Installation view Benaki Museum, Athens GR,

46" screen, 2019.

Installation view Beers Gallery, London UK,

50" screen, 2019.

Film still, Selfie hand anatomy, 2018.

Kim Nuijen, original copy, selfie hand anatomy, trompe-l’oeil, animation, artist, media art, video art, photographer, Nieuw Dakota, amsterdam, Beers Gallery, London, installation view, installation art, Athens photo festival, Benaki museum, contemporary visions